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Organic Gluten Free Custom Allergen Bakery!

That's right!  Gluten Free, dairy free, soy free, egg free  and nut free baked goods!  From cookies to cakes you won't be disappointed.  (Sugar free available too!)

Gluten Free freshly baked foods are here! You CAN eat cake and bread again!  We make fresh muffins, cookies and breads.  We recommend you make an order with us so you can have fresh baked goodies!  All items freeze well, including the breads! We are your personal bakers, making products that are free of your specific allergens.  We can help most customers, so call us for a consultation so we might custom bake for you!

Rosette Cake

All of our recipes are gluten free, dairy free, soy free, nut free, and most are even egg free.  Icing is naturally colored with natural food colors and sprinkles. Fresh fruits are in our muffins, and most locally grown! Fresh hand squeezed juices and zests too.  Most of our ingredients are natural and/or  organic.

 Yes, Georgia, you CAN eat cake again!

We take pride in our desserts!  We are a dedicated Gluten free bakery for our clients that have allergies to specific ingredients commonly used to bake.  So if you or your children have long been without goodies because of food allergies/sensitivities, or Celiac, please contact us and lets see what we can do to bring baked goods back into your life!  Sweet treats can be a part of your life, even if you have allergies.  Let us show you how!   

Breakfastr Bread






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 Gluten Free King Cake

Gluten Free King Cake (shipped too!)   Great party pack, comes with baby and beads!  $35 + Shipping

Tea Pot Cake

Assortment of Gluten Free Desserts

Chocolate Chip Cookies, oatmeal Cookies, Mango Muffins, Cranberry Muffins and Chocolate Iced cupcakes all allergen free! Gluten free king cake! Italian bread! Pizza with NY style thick crust! And much, much more! And Yes, we SHIP!


Gluten Free Granola!



Where to Find Us:

Peachtree City:

Borgo Italia for some of our yummy desserts!

Carrolton:  Farm Fresh CSA 

Newnan: Meat n Greet for our hamburger and hot dog rolls.

Newnan: Leaf and Bean for our muffins

Palmetto: The General Store at Serenbe


Peachtree City: MacDuff Crossing near Flying Biscuit

Saturdays 9am-2pm (seasonal)

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